Citizenship, democratization and the cultural use of technology and new media

Ramesh Srinivasan, Assistant Professor, Department of Information
Studies, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Oplæg til Medborgerskab, Internationalt formidlingsseminar 2012,
27.3.2012, kl. 9.00 – 10.00

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How is the increased diffusion of social media technologies impacting contemporary movements towards democracy, cultural heritage, and economic empowerment? This talk will present several cases that argue for the power of social media-facilitated networks in bridging with people’s environments, cultures, and non-technological worlds in empowering greater opportunities for equal citizenship and power worldwide? Taking us from the steppes of Kyrgyzstan, to Native America and finally Tahrir Square and the Occupy Movements, I present a narrative where social media-faciltiated networks present bridges to people’s everyday lives and aspirations worldwide.

Drawing from his academic background in design studies, media arts and sciences and industrial engineering, Dr. Ramesh Srinivasan has worked extensively with perspectives on the cultural use of technology and its implications. Dr. Srinivasan has worked with a number of problem areas including The Open Internet and Blogs – Social, Economic, and Political Revolutions. Crowdsourcing, Networks, and Virtual Organizations. Cultural Knowledges and Digital Systems and Reflective Media and Policy in Developing Nations.

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