The Poetry of Objects

Rainey Tisdale, Independent Curator, Boston. Blog at

Rainey Tisdale has spent years searching for the stories in objects. Her approach has been called divining, meaning-making, and poetry. She will deliver a wide-ranging meditation on the power of objects to move, inspire, and build community. She will talk about compelling objects, emotional objects, and how objects leave their mark on you. She’ll also talk about missed connections: the ways our current approach to museum collections often leads us to compose the opposite of object poetry: bureaucratic edicts, syllabi, lists, instruction manuals. She’ll ask hard questions, like “Why does your museum have these objects?” and “What are you doing with them that adds public value?” Her goal will be to help you create your own object poetry.

3 comments to “The Poetry of Objects”
  1. Kunne sørme godt tænke mig at se dette foredrag, men jeg kan ikke få filmen til at virke – den skriver bare “please stand by – starting soon…”. Mon det kan fikses så man kan se foredraget? 🙂

      • Kære Rune Clausen,

        Er det slet ikke muligt at få adgang til filen/videoen (findes den som lydfil?). Jeg vil meget gerne kunne henvise til oplægget i forbindelse med mit speciale.

        Bedste hilsner

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