Joachim Sauter – Creating Experience and Knowledge with New Media in Space

Formidlingsseminar 2010, 10:45-11:45

During the last decade, “New Media” have advanced more and more from private into semi public space (like museums) and public space. The reasons for this are manifold: The necessary technologies have become cheaper, more easily manageable and more stable; people are media literate, and the designers and decision makers are better educated and skilled in this field.

We generally see a renaissance of the physical world. We see an increasing number of people leaving the isolated situation in front of a computer at home, going into a museum to experience information in a physical environment together with other people.

The talk showcases instances of interactive installations and interactive environments in exhibitions will
be discussed.

Joachim Sauter, Art+com

Joachim Sauter – Formidlingsseminar 2010 from Formidlingsnet on Vimeo.

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