Dr. Victoria van Hyning: Reaching New Audiences with Crowdsourcing

Dr. Victoria van Hyning, Citizen Humanities Project Lead, www.zooniverse.org

Online crowdsourcing and citizen engagement has the power to extend the reach of museums and libraries far beyond the walls of institutions; to open collections to new and disparate audiences and to attract new visitors to museums premises. This talk will share findings about a crowdsourcing partnership between Tate Britain and the Zooniverse (Zooniverse.org) in which users transcribe the contents of artists’ notebooks, sketchbooks and personal papers. This project deploys a new approach to full text transcription and offers numerous opportunities to study the efficacy of new and existing Zooniverse tools to foster volunteer engagement and skills acquisition, e.g. the ability for users to read 20th Century manuscripts. The talk will include an overview of crowdsourcing approaches that are apposite to museum collections, and suggest basic principles for launching and sustaining projects.

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