Free2choose – the Anne Frank House

Ronald Leopold, Executive Director of the Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Formidlingsseminar, 28.3.2012, kl. 10.15 – 11.00

In 2005 the Anne Frank House introduced Free2choose (F2C) to visitors of  the museum. With this interactive film program the Anne Frank House aims to promote discussion and reflection on fundamental human rights. F2C consists of short film­clips that present topical dilemmas between freedom rights and the right to be protected against discrimination. Every clip ends with a yes/no question, for example: “May neo­Nazis demonstrate in front of a synagogue on Shabbat?” or “May concert halls forbid homophobic art ists to perform in their premises?” There is no right and no wrong answers to these questions. The aim is to make people think, reflect and discuss.
The F2C clips are not only presented in the museum, but are also being used in educational settings and for this purpose the Anne Frank House developed educational support materials as well. By creating their own F2C­film, young people learn­by­doing what democracy means.

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