Kæmpe konference om Internettet – i København

Undskyld at jeg har glemt at give besked om denne konference. Den er i uge 42. Der er endnu pladser, så hvis du ikke skal i skoven med børnene, er der mulighed for at lære verdens internetforskere at kende.

Internet Research 9.0: Rethinking Community, Rethinking Place
IT University of Copenhagen
October 15, 2008 – October 18, 2008

Welcome to Copenhagen!
The 9th annual conference of the Association of Internet Reseachers will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, from October 15th – October 18th 2008. We expect around 400 researchers and students from all over the world to take part in the event.

This year’s conference theme “Rethinking Community, Rethinking Space” takes its point of departure in the fact, that in the past few years, new forms of net-based communities have emerged, distributed on various websites and services, and making use of several media platforms and genres to stay connected. As mobile and location-based technologies are reintroducing “place” as an important aspect in the formation of communal and social activities, it is time to consider and rethink the concept of online or virtual communities.

Not forgetting the lessons we have learned from studying the early virtual communities, some of the questions, this conference will explore, are: how do we describe, analyse, theorise and design the communities and social formations of the early 21st century? How do we address the blurring of boundaries between places and communities on- and offline?

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