Sharing is Caring 2015: Right to Remix?

Sharing is Caring: Right to Remix?

Sharing is Caring 2015 addresses the topic of copyright and cultural heritage in a constructive and proactive way. Through international keynote speakers, keynotes in conversation and a programme of ignite presentations the seminar keeps focus on the amazing stuff the cultural sector can achieve when rethinking the logic of copyright in a digital age perspective. But we will also discuss the hurdles to overcome and the fights to take, when we want to challenge the traditional notion of copyright. The keynote speakers are invited to deliver talks that open up fresh perspectives on how to work more flexibly with rights in the digital age, and what awesome potentials the cultural sector can tap into if we dare to change our existing mindsets and ways of working. The seminar is targeted at professionals in libraries, archives and museums, Wikipedians, start-ups, and users interested in cultural heritage and digital culture.

The seminar will take place Friday October 2nd in the DR Concert Hall<>. As a special feature this year, Sharing is Caring will lead directly up to the annual cultural heritage hackathon Hack4DK<> which will run from Friday evening through Sunday.

The programme will consist of 4 keynote speakers, 2 keynotes in conversation, and 8-10 ignite talks.

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