EXTRA SESSION! – Det Internationale Formidlingsseminar “Museet på Tværs” 12-14. marts 2013.

Dr. ROSS PARRY, Senior Lecturer and Academic Director, School of Museum Studies, Uniersity of Leicester
tirsdag, den 12. marts 2013 kl. 20.30-21.30

This session attempts to frame a way of seeing museums after the digital revolution. By introducing the concept of the ‘postdigital’, its aim is to evidence a tipping point in the adoption of new media in the museum – a moment where technology has become normative. The intention is not to suggest that digital media today is (or, indeed, should be) universally and equally adopted and assimilated by all museums, but rather to use the experience of several (national) museums in the UK to illustrate the normative presence digital media is having within some organisational strategies and structures. Having traced this perceived normativity of technology in these localised institutional settings, the session will attempt to reflect upon the consequences that the postdigital and the normative management of new media have for our approach to museological research.

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