ARGUING BACK: Criticism, creativity and co-creation in museum

Dr. Bernadette Lynch, Museum writer, researcher and consultant, London
Formidlingsseminar 2014 “Why exhibitions?” mandag den 10/3-2014 

Uncomfortable issues have been the subject of museum displays in recent years. High-profile exhibitions have explored prejudice, colonialism  and even genocide as the museum increasingly assumes a social justice role. Yet there is concern that temporary exhibitions do little to change  wider biases that are perceived within the museum’s older galleries. Frustration is still expressed at the glacial rate of change of the permanent exhibitions. This presentation will invite participants to active examine recent exhibition practices that promote critical thinking as part of a commitment to practical ethics and everyday democracy across the museum, these include a commitment to reflective practice; working through conflict and
developing partnerships and new skills for the co-creation of exhibitions towards moving the entire exhibition experience from passive consumption to that of active engagement.

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