Drivers of change

Peter Higgins, independent consultant, Land Design Studio, London
Formidlingsseminar 2014 Why exhibitions? Mandag den 10/3-2014 kl.13.15-14

From the perspective of a design practitioner I will reflect on the influences and drivers of change that have occurred in the last 30 years of museum development since market forces and a more discerning public challenged the inward looking conventional approach. the role of museums in our society is now very different as they have become tools of the urban planners, the architectural shapemakers and the cultural surgeons that re-assemble our classic institutions. What will be the impact of museum makers that seem to emerge from so many diverse disciplines, will they transform our galleries into vital informal learning centres or esoteric installations to be distributed through our cities, and how will they deal with the power of the real in the age of the virtual?

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