Gallery One at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Jane Alexander, Chief Information Officer for Cleveland Museum of Art
Formidlingsseminar 2014 “Why exhibitions?” Onsdag den 12/3-2014 kl. 9.30

The Cleveland Museum of Art created Gallery One to welcome all visitors, offering them new possibilities to experience art in a participatory way through interpretive technology. This session will address the three questions most frequently asked by colleagues: Is the concept behind Gallery One working? How can the museum sustain Gallery One? And what are the next steps? Gallery One opened to the public in January 2013. The Cleveland Museum of Art created Gallery One and the interpretive, museum-wide app (ArtLens) to build audiences by providing a fun and engaging environment for visitors with all levels of knowledge about art. the goal has been to propel visitors into the primary galleries with greater enthusiasm, understanding, and excitement about the collections, and to galvanize visitor interest so that they return to the museum again and again. these interactive tools were created to empower visitors to browse, explore, and deepen meaning-making in response to the museum’s collection. Featured artworks are opened up in a compelling fashion for visitors on and off-site, thereby connecting the Cleveland Museum of Art’s collections to the Greater Cleveland community and the world.


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Gallery One

Gallery One

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