How to make a museum an open, networked and co-creative place enabling visitors to become involved users?

Samuel Bausson, Museomix co-founder and organizer
Formidlingsseminar 2013 “Museet på Tværs”, tirsdag den 12. marts 2013, kl. 17.00-17.45

Museomix invited designers, creators, makers, and museum people to a 3 days cocreative event that took place in MusŽe des Arts DŽcoratifs, Paris, in November 2011. 75 participants prototyped 11 new ways of experiencing the museum with real visitors testing them right away. This year Museomix 2012 edition took place in MusŽe Galloromain in Lyon where 10 teams of participants worked on turning this museum upside down! (see ‘archive’ for presentation of 2011 prototypes) (this year ongoing blog where participants post themselves)


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