We’d like to invite you to join a network – a place for creative people who are inventors, thinkers, engineers, geeks, tinkerers, modders, conceptualists, designers, hackers, makers, artists, and all those creating experiences for others.

This network aims at bringing together all the people in the Öresund Region who work with technology in creative, innovative ways. We invite both creators and possible partners to participate. The goal is to create discussions between creative, innovative people who can help each other, collaborate, form possible partnerships, introduce networks, and be introduced to the people they possibly want to partner up with.

We would like to have a first round up on February 12 at the illutron barge in the South Harbor of Copenhagen. If this is too cold, we’ll relocate to RUM, a workspace full of creative people in the heart of Nørrebro.

On the day we’d basically like people to be introduced to each other, and get a feeling of who’s out there.

We start at 12.30 with an Introduction as to why a network could be fun and what we could possibly do together. Then we’ll have 2 minute presentations – everyone makes a short presentation about themselves

Mix it up – groups of people from different backgrounds are created
Each group has 20 minutes to define:
– Expertise types
– Equipment – if you’re from a studio/lab
– Visions – What visions and reasons do you have for what you do?
– Framework – Why do you do what you do?
– Message – Do you have a message you want to share?

After 20 minutes (or whatever amount of time, you decide) one member of your group will present the results and the rest of us will be enlightened.

Later in the afternoon…
Lunch & playtime: We’ll have an open workshop space and lots of paper to brainstorm with. This is of course optional but it’s an activity we recommend to have a great afternoon.

If you’re interested and would like to join in on the 12, please let us know:

Majken Overgaard

Vanessa Carpenter