Report about US 2011 research visit

After digesting the overwhelming amount of brilliant and thoughtprovoking insights I gathered during my research visit in Washington D.C., New York City, and Chicago in October 2011, I finally put together a report about what I see as the most important tendencies and learnings I brought home with me:

  • Sharing is caring: Open access creates more value
  • Use existing platforms and social media
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Mobile strategies
  • Strengthen in-house development teams
  • Online and print publication synergies

Kulturstyrelsen (the Danish Agency for Culture, formerly the Heritage Agency of Denmark) funded the research visit, and has kindly allowed me to write the report in English. This way, I’m hoping to be able to not only share my learnings with the Danish museum community, but also to give just a little back to the generous US museum community who hosted me.

Download report here: Report: Research visit in the US, October 2011

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you want to know more about the reserach visit, or connect with the institutions I visited.

Merete Sanderhoff, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen



8 comments to “Report about US 2011 research visit”
  1. Mange tak for rapporten. Det er virkelig spændende læsning, som jeg håber vil påvirke mange institutioner i Danmark, så vi kan slippe for at sende alle de mange regninger mellem offentlige institutioner!

    Det føles virkelig som vi er midt i en revolution med al det lækre content, der i stadig højere grad bliver stillet frit til rådighed på nettet. På mit eget museum, Museet for Søfart, er vi begyndt i det små ved at stille de første 66 årgange af museets årbog frit til rådighed:

  2. Thank you for preparing such a thoughtful and comprehensive report Merete. It’s a testimony to the foresight of the Danish Heritage Agency (for supporting your efforts) and your own dedication to spreading a greater understanding of new ideas in our field. It was a refreshing privileged to have you here at the Smithsonian – – you reminded us of how strong our community is (so full of wonderful, talented people), and the strength of our shared dedication to public service.

  3. @Benjamin: Tusind tak for opbakningen, det glæder mig virkelig at vi er så mange der efterhånden tænker på samme måde i museumsverdenen. Så kan vi føre tankerne ud i handling. Og I er jo allerede godt på vej!

    @Michael: Thank *you* for opening the doors to this truly amazing US museum community. And thanks to digital media, I feel that we are all part of a global community. I’m convinced that we can knock down some walls together!

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  5. It seems the boards and senior leaders of many, many cultural heritage institutions are best persuaded by a sense of what others are doing. Reports on what is happening elsewhere turn out to be of enormous value to those struggling to move their institutions along the path towards greater openness. Nice work!

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