Viden, oplevelse og læring

Formidlingsseminar 2010, 15:00-17:20

Lærer vi af at arbejde med læring og formidling?
Berit Anne Larsen, Formidlingschef på Statens Museum for Kunst.

Tidens mantra er at ethvert museum med respekt for sig selv har en klar læringspolicy. Det tænkes
i stort omfang i forhold til brugerne. Men hvilken rolle spiller en policy internt i de forskellige
museale organisationer. Er museet et godt læringsmiljø fx og er tilgangen til vores formidlingsarbejde

Berit Anne Larsen – Formidlingsseminar 2010 from Formidlingsnet on Vimeo.

Presentation: Berit Anne Larsen – Lærer vi af at arbejde med læring

A Cabinet of Curiosities

Phil Reed
Director,Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms

Museums ceased to be ’teaching’ establishments some years ago and finally became places which ”facilitated learning”. This conceals more than just a change of emphasis and represents a change in direction and approach and also brings with it numerous challenges, but principally that of engagement and sustaining engagement. The wealth of professional visitors – and a glut of encomia from public visitors – to the Churchill Museum since it opened in 2005 indicates that
possibly it cracked this particular nut. Did it? And, if so, how?

Phil Reed – Formidlingsseminar 2010 from Formidlingsnet on Vimeo.

Presentation: Phil Reed – A Cabinet of Curiosities

Between knowledge and entertainment
Dr. Harald Meller, State Archeologist and Director of State Office for
Heritage Management and Archeology Saxony-Anhalt
and State Museum of Prehistory in Halle

The State Museum of Prehistory in Halle accommodates the famous Nebra Sky-disk since the disc became part of the new permanent exhibition in May 2008.

The board of the museum decided to go a different way. The result is a highly informative and on the same time a very simple, enjoyable and visual daring exhibition. The State Museum is also part of a tourist’s trail called ”Himmelswege”/”Sky Paths”, consisting of four sites of archaeological importance in Saxony-Anhalt. Harald Meller will give an introduction to the exhibition, the trail and the thoughts behind it. Further he will discuss if there is a difference of entertaining the audience and giving them complex researched based knowledge.

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