‘Die Leidenschaften. Ein Drama in fünf Akten’, Deutsche Hygiene Museum

Dr. Catherine Nichols, Independent Curator, Berlin

Formidlingsseminar 2013, “Museet på Tværs”, torsdag den 14. marts 2014, kl. 11.00-11.45
A presentation of the interdisciplinary work at the Deutsche Hygiene Museum focusing on the special exhibition ‘Die Leidenschaften. Ein Drama in fŸnf Akten’ (‘The Passions: A Drama in Five Acts’). For the past two decades the Deutsches Hygiene Museum in Dresden has been developing an international profile with its experimental interdisciplinary exhibitions. Revolving around the central question of what it means to be human these thematic explorations are conceived on a collaborative basis by everchanging teams of artists, scientists, academics and other professionals brought together by the museum for each new show. Participating teams are encouraged to take the invitation to experiment seriously, to view the search for the ‘perfect exhibition’ as ongoing. In my presentation I will discuss the challenges of this approach based on my experience of curating – or rather scripting, staging and seeing – the 2012 special exhibition ‘The Passions: A Drama in Five Acts’ in collaboration with opera director Mariame ClŽment and set designer Julia Hansen.

Slides fra Catherine Nichols oplæg The Passions – a drama in 5 acts.




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